About ExtraBoost

Many people consoled themselves with excuses to get through everyday life. Things like “Life ain’t easy!“ or “If there would be a way to live without worries, surely everybody would do it!” are being said. And again you are caught in the treadmill.

Only a few question whether their everyday life is really about what they wanted to achieve in life? And even those who questioned and noticed that they wanted to go a different path in life, often do not know how to approach it? From this point on, ExtraBoost comes in, that will show you different methods for analysing your needs, principles, goals and yourself. It should not only help you building up motivation, but also giving you a good push in the right direction. Only you decide where the right direction is.

Somewhere in life there are points in which you establish a routine. As a pupil you go to school every day, as a student you hit books day and night and as a employee you feel safe in a steady job. Most do not do it because they enjoy it, but because they have to pay their bills. But, there is a way with which you can have fun and pay bills. And if you want to, you will find it.

Open your eyes and cast off the blinkers! Nobody demands you to swim against the tide, but no one will harm you if you stop for a second in the river of life and look around. There are certainly many dreams and talents that have fallen by the wayside. Use them!

About me

Hi, I am Matthias ExtraBoost Matthias(maxmoon) and as a student I already have noticed, that I have fun optimising things, learning efficiently and get the personal best out of a thing. And I certainly don’t mean good grades. I was someone you call a “student who is not good” (whatever that is?), was rarely on time for the first lesson and from Sunday to Monday I almost always stayed up all night. I surely was no rebel or had problems with authority, I just did not fit into the system.

During my studies, I also learned how to deal with money and become economical. Withal I was not all that poor or a cheapskate. It was just fun to get more out of a cent, instead of counting every penny. The sight of students who got a limousine from their parents for the first semester and wasted money, disgusted me. But even then, I was not envious or wanted to be like them. I just had the thought that such a person would never rally be successful in life.

At the end of my studies I made my thesis at a company which produces computer games. There I made the experience, that you can work productively 12 hours a day and be happy with it, even if you have no time to build up something in your private life.

After successfully completing my studies, I moved to Switzerland and worked for a small mobile communications company for over three years. There I offered my skills, such as analytical thinking, process optimisation, effectivity, productivity, organisation and automatisation. What I got back will break it to anyone who believes that you are safe if you have a good education and a steady job.

All these events have led me to set up the ExtraBoost project.